Boutin Family Farm - Growing Fresh, Local Vegetables and Berries
__Black Raspberry
__B.O.G. (Blueberry Orange Ginger)
__Blueberry Peach
__Cranberry Orange Marmalade
__F.R.O.G. Jam
(Fig, Raspberry, Orange, Ginger)
__Gingered Pear
__Orange Marmalade
__Pineapple Orange 
__Raspberry Peach
__Raspberry Rhubarb
__Spring Blush
__Strawberry Rhubarb
__Strawberry Peach
__Triple Berry Jam
__Concord Grape
Top Vendors at Burlington Winter Market:
Boutin Family Farm Jams, jellies, preserves, relishes – my favorite is orange pineapple marmalade.
For the summer season, check us out at Burlington Summer Farmers Market, and Fletcher Allen Farmers Market.
Hors D’oeuvre Jelly and Jams
__Black Scorpion
__Carolina Reaper
__Jalapeno Pepper
__Pineapple Habanero 
__Hot Chili Pepper
__Raspberry Jalapeno
__Red Pepper
__Strawberry Habanero
__Sweet n' Spicy Pepper

__Bread & Butter
__Dill Pickle Slice
__Dill Pickle Spears
__Jalapeno Bread & Butter
__Mixed Pickles
__Pickle  Beets
__Pickled Garlic
__Pickled Peppers
__Spicy Dill Pickles
__Spicy Mixed Pickles
__Squash Pickle
__Zucchini Pickles
__End of Season Relish
__Zucchini Relish
__Jalapeno Zucchini 
__Sweet Pickle 

Boutin Family Farm
240 Christmas Lane
Williston, Vermont 05495
(802) 363-0630
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